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Cold Calling Script Templates For Your Sales Reps


Cold Calling Script Templates for Your Sales Reps

A quality cold call script can make or break your outbound sales success. If your script is too rigid, reps may come off as robotic; too generic and it will sound impersonal.

Many reps get caught in the trap of pushing a sales pitch, without truly listening to what the prospect has to say.

While we always recommend that every sales tip, trick, or tactic be taken with a grain of salt and A/B tested against other methods, these cold calling scripts have stamps of approval from some of the most successful and reputable B2B sales leaders and practitioners in the sales development industry.



Excerpt of the Ebook

4 Step Launch Of a Cold Call

Introduction: Your classic opener.

Script: “Hey {first name}, my name is {sdr name}.” or “Hey {first name}, this is {sdr name} calling from {SDR company} on a recorded line, did I catch you with a quick moment to chat?”

Relevance: Why you’re calling.

Script: “The reason for my reaching out is I was doing some research on {prospect company} and I saw that you’re involved in {job function}.”

Value: Why the prospect should care.

Script: “We have a solution at {sdr company} that is making {job function} a lot {better – faster, easier, quicker, etc.}”

Launch: Invite the prospect into a conversation.

Script: “I’m curious, how are you handling that today?”

If you can get the prospect talking in the first 30 seconds of a cold call, you’ve won. Inviting the prospect into the conversation to contribute builds empathy and rapport in a way that you can’t achieve over digital channels.

Script: “Based on what you’re doing today, specifically {process 1, 2, and 3}, and comparing that to our customers who are able to do {job function} {better}, it seems like there might be an opportunity to optimize some things – and that’s what I really wanted to connect about. Would it be worth having a conversation?”