Hyper-Tactical Approaches for Outbound Sales Reps in 2022


Outbound Success

These pages are packed full of insightful advice, actionable tips, and thought-provoking interviews to help you become a better sales rep and leverage new opportunities for growth. 

You will learn:

  • Steps to fill up your pipeline

  • Collin Cadmus' prospecting initiative 

  • The anatomy of a cold call

  • Why salespeople need to stop selling "value"

  • Neuroscience-based outbound approaches

  • How to sell using LinkedIn

  • How to ask for the sale without feeling sleazy

  • Destroying objections

  • Reasons why you're not closing deals 

The tips in this book will help you navigate a better outbound process, one that focuses on human connection over quotas. Because ironically, focusing on your prospect instead of the sale will make you a more successful sales rep.

Outbound Sales Reps



Excerpt of the Ebook


At Lemlist, Nadja encourages her team members to think like CEOs but act like SDRs. “By this, I mean that CEOs are the ones who are going to do their best to keep the company running. That’s their core mission: they’re going to come up with new ideas, they’re going to come up with new sources of revenue, new channels, completely breaking outside of the box.”

To reach their full potential, SDRs should work hard on developing this mindset themselves. “At the moment that you actually make this happen, and you make this switch in your mindset, you will start to stand out and create more of that top-funnel buzz around you as an SDR. This will help you to generate more inbound leads without having to rely on marketing.”

This is where a salesperson’s creativity can pay dividends. By developing innovative approaches to problems, you can achieve excellent results on a tight budget while also generating interest in yourself and your company. Nadja shared an example of this creative approach at Lemlist. When it came time to expand into the US market, the company didn’t have the budget for fundraising or splashy ad campaigns. They knew it would be difficult to stand out against their competitors through cold outreach alone, so they decided to get creative. “We decided to create our own YouTube channel and document our entire journey for our audience to see, as these are the same problems and pain points that they are facing. That’s the way we’ve found to stand out.”