31 Surprising Outbound Sales Stats

(And What They Mean For Your Company)


Is cold calling dead? What are the best practices for subject lines in 2022? Why are sales reps really leaving your company?

We’ve compiled 31 of the most relevant outbound sales stats, covering everything from email outreach and cold calling to some surprising trends in the sales job market–and an unexpected reason your reps may be losing hours of productivity. 

Keep reading for insights on the outbound sales industry and what these stats mean for your company. 





Email Outreach

  • 8.5% of outreach emails receive a response. 

Are you above or below the average? If you’re below average, look for ways to personalize your emails even more to bump up that response rate. Keep things short, relevant, and well-researched. 

Revisit your open and reply rates regularly to see what prospects are responding well to. Track which emails garner the most responses, and look for ways to repeat that success. Lastly, check in on your email hygiene and deliverability to ensure your messages are actually making it to the prospect’s inbox.

Source: Backlinko

  • Emails with personalized messages have a 32.7% better response rate.

No one wants to be on the receiving end of a generic blast email. Personalization shows the prospect that you’ve put in time and effort, and they’re more likely to read your message in return.

Personalization is especially important in the first touch. But when you’re reaching out to 80+ people daily, it’s not feasible to write a highly personalized email for each prospect. Instead, try segmenting your prospects according to their (possible) deal size and other attributes. Larger potential deal sizes merit more personalization. For more on this method, check out the blog post here

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  • Wednesday is the best day to send outreach emails. 

Are you sending emails at the optimal time? Prospects are less likely to see your message on a Monday, when their inbox is overflowing with emails, or on a Friday, when they may have already logged off for the weekend. People are most active in their inboxes in the middle of the week.

To make the most of your time, try scheduling the majority of your outreach for Tuesday-Thursday, then concentrate on other tasks (admin, research, etc.) Monday and Friday.

Source: Backlinko