Sales Development Methodology

Designed to help companies build their go-to-market plan (The Principles), and then be able to execute it (The Playbook), aiming to achieve predictable revenue. 

Sales Development Methodology-1

The PR Methodology is divided into two parts, the high-level strategy for building a strong go-to-market plan and the tactical steps for creating a successful sales development program. 

The core principles (the strategy) for creating Predictable Revenue are Positioning, Pace, and Practice. These principles form a chain-link system where overall performance is limited by its weakest link.

The playbook (the tactics) for creating Predictable Revenue includes Targeting, Tools, Prospecting, Qualification, and Follow-Through. 

Our first pass focused purely on the tactics of building a sales development team but as we applied it to real-world situations we saw the need to bring in the strategic view. Adding in the strategic layer enables us to look at a revenue team as a system of parts instead of just as a singular playbook that exists in a vacuum. 

For context, our experience comes from having a hand in building over a thousand sales development teams over the past 10 years, booking thousands of meetings ourselves, and conducting hundreds of internal and external customer research interviews for a variety of offerings including our now mostly-sunset sales engagement tool (RIP 

PR Sales Development Methodology


We’ve come up with a collection of ideas and a series of steps that we believe to be important when building successful sales development teams to help create repeatable, scalable, and predictable revenue.

One of our core missions is to inspire and educate the world on how to grow a company, so we want to take our Sales Development Methodology (as we call it) and share it with the world. 



“The methodology was built and battle-tested over the past 10 years as we helped thousands of companies build their sales development teams, booked thousands of meetings, and conducted hundreds of internal and external customer research interviews. We hope it serves you as well as it has served - and continues to serve - us."
Collin Stewart, Co-Founder & CEO at Predictable Revenue 

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